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Xiaomi set to release the Mi Notebook Pro

Xiaomi has a few laptops nearly ready for launch. They are rumoured to be called the Mi Notebook Pro and Ultra, which may have 14- and 15.6-inch displays respectively.

The "Mi Notebook Pro" is said to have one of 2.5K in resolution, whereas the Ultra is speculated to boost to a 3.2K. One or both of these putative new laptops might have 16:10 aspect ratios; on the other hand, the Pro is slated to have a refresh rate of 60Hz, whereas its Ultra counterpart may only extend to 90Hz. Then again,  OLED might feature somewhere in this prospective launch.

Unlike a device of the same name reportedly destined for the Chinese market, this India-specific Mi Notebook Pro is projected to offer choices of the Core i5-11300H or i7-11370H processors, with no difference mentioned for the Ultra. On the other hand, the possibility of RTX 3050 Ti graphics has been spoken of about the latter variant.

These allegedly impending laptops lack dates for their unveiling or release, not to speak of approximate pricing. However, it is possible that inferring they truly do exist, the "new Mi Notebooks" might take the stage alongside the Mi TV 5X at Xiaomi's upcoming Smarter Living 2022 event.

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