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Xiaomi Mi Notebook Pro X 2021 to arrive with Intel Tiger Lake CPU and GeForce RTX 3050 Ti GPU

Xiaomi has started to release the promo material for its upcoming high-end laptop in its lineup, which is to be named the Mi Notebook Pro X (or Mi Book Pro X). The latest authorized marketing image for the device, posted on one of Xiaomi’s official Weibo channels, gives a good glance at the laptop’s looks.

It’s obvious to see the company has gone for a thin and light design language for the Mi Notebook Pro X while still trying to offer enough strength loaded inside for the requirements of mandating mobile users.

Xiaomi has proclaimed that the Mi Notebook Pro X would be coming with the newly released Nvidia GeForce RTX 3050 Ti Laptop GPU, which should furnish substantial gaming strength for laptop users who deliberately prefer a notebook with a thin and light aesthetic. In other words, it won’t replace a gaming-centric behemoth, and potential buyers should be aware that the RTX 3050 Ti comes in numerous TGP power levels, so clock speeds can vary from 735 MHz to 1,695 MHz. Considering the form of the Mi Book Pro X, it’s likely the dGPU clock rates will be at the lower end (e.g. 35 W TGP: 735-1,035 MHz).

From the CPU department, is mentioned that the latest Tiger Lake CPU Intel Core i7-11375H. This quad-core processor is also suitable for a thin and light laptop but that doesn’t suggest it has less to offer than its counterparts found in machines with additional space for more powerful cooling solutions. The i7-11375H can max out at 5.0 GHz (single-core) and is based on Intel’s 10 nm SuperFin manufacturing process.

The Xiaomi Book Pro X is showing to be a decent alternative for mobile users and is planned to be released in June.

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