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Xiaomi Mi Mix Fold turns into a "Pocket PC" with just an update?

Mi MIX Fold is Xiaomi first and the only foldable smartphone that the company announce and this fold handset is also exclusive to China

The main benefit of foldable smartphones that unfold into a tablet is productivity. But for some reason, the Xiaomi Mi MIX Fold lacked those features at launch.

With that being said, the company is now nudging these features before more customers get their hands on the device. The update that gives rise to these features with building the number V12.0.10.0.RJTCNXM and is being seeded out in batches.

The main highlight of this new system update for the Mi Mix Fold is the addition of a feature called ‘Pocket PC’. As the name suggests, this feature turns foldable into a PC.

This feature enables a new UI mimicking a PC, complete with a start menu, taskbar, and control centre. Two other features called ‘Parallel Window’ and ‘Free Window Fingertip Dragging’ along with ‘Pocket PC’ allow users to use multiple apps in windows form and drag and drop content from one window to another, just like on a computer.

A similar feature can be seen on Samsung and Huawei foldable as well as regular flagship smartphones in the form of Dex and EMUI Desktop respectively. But those require an external display.

Last but not least, the MIUI update for the Mi MIX Fold also brings a ‘3D Surround Sound’ feature for the handset’s four speakers, a new ‘One-click Incognito’ option, and a fix for the Xiaomi SIM card activation service reminder issue.

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