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WhatsApp: Accept the privacy policy or you can't use it!

WhatsApp's new privacy policy is still causing some user to feel insecure about their accounts. WhatsApp have publish them online and you can read all about it. It's not really long but if you're too busy, here's the summarized version of the new policy;

WhatsApp says if the users do not accept the new privacy policy, their accounts won't be deleted. Instead, the users won't experience the full features of the app. The only features they will be able to use are receiving calls and notifications only, but not reading or sending messages. It's noted that you can still accept the policy after the said date and WhatsApp will delete your inactive account after 120 days.

WhatsApp's new policy back in January caused quite a stir the online community because of how it shares the data with Facebook-owned platforms. The new policy is meant for marketing and advertising on Facebook and Instagram, they claimed. Plus, they also extended the privacy policy agreement until 15 May if you want to keep using it.

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