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The name of Huawei's latest chipset to challenge Samsung's Exynos is here.

Kirin 9010 chipset is most probably the name for Huawei's upcoming mobile processor, and it will be manufactured using 3nm process. There's no exact statement on which device will this chip be powering its cores but the most probably hint will be the P and Mate series of of Huawei.

Take this information with the grain of salt as there's not official confirmation form Huawei yet and most likely this chipset will only be available towards the end of the year.

This chipset will likely give Samsung Exynos a run for their money.

The info about the new Kirin processor comes from the leaker @RODENT950, and according to a tweet posted today, the next-gen Kirin processor should arrive as the Kirin 9010 and it will be a 3nm chipset.

So what do you think of this latest chipset from Huawei. Can it beat the Exynos.

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