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Samsung's "rollable and slidable" displays in the works

Source: LetsGoDisplay

Samsung Display is the unit of Samsung Electronics which manufactures displays for the parent company has reported that it is working on innovative screens that slides and rolls for their upcoming Samsung phones.

LG provided a sneak peek into its foldable smartphone during its CES 2021 event. The senior vice president of the display division of Samsung, Choi Kwon-young provided some insights on the foldable display screen.

Kwon-young said that the Samsung Display’s first rollable and slidable displays would be released later this year, and Samsung’s mobile telecommunications division will be the first OEM to release the rollable display technology, as the primary customer of Samsung Display. However, we note that Samsung Display did not make any definitive statement to confirm whether Samsung’s mobile division will be the first to adopt the rollable designs.

This also means that Samsung’s flip and fold displays may also come in new technologies together with the important features like variable refresh rate and low power. This will direcly maintained Samsung's leadership in the increasingly dense regular OLED market.

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