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Samsung NoteBook 7 Force is set to release after two years break with RTX 3000 upgrades

Samsung released Notebook 7 laptops with thin-and-light form-factors and USB type C ports two years back.

Well, now, the series is anticipated to get some upgrades, with up-to-date RTX 3000-series graphics this time. The OEM may have just attained in securing FCC approval for the "7 Force 2021" variants.

This credential has been granted for a Samsung NP760XDA, which has variants with 4GB of RTX 3050 or 3050 Ti graphics. This lines up with prematurely 7 Force leaks, as do the device's Tiger Lake-H45 CPUs. It may be initiated with choices of the Core i5-11260H and i5-11400H, as well as the top-end i7-11800H hinted at in earlier benchmarks linked to this laptop.

Accordingly, any type-C ports it may have are probably Thunderbolt 4, although the FCC does not confirm this spec outright. In any case, it is now shaping up as a new contender in the mid-range gaming space, possibly in the ultrabook sector.

Take this news with a grain of salt as Samsung is yet to declare openly on a launch event for this new prospect, not to mention formally acknowledge this potential improvement to the existing 7 Force.

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