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Samsung laptops to come with Under Panel Camera

Updated: Jan 16, 2021

The biggest achievements in display technology would be panels with semi-transparency. This transpired in under-display cameras for smartphones, which some companies are beginning to use. Now, Samsung wants to push this tech to computers with its Blade Bezel laptop.

Ice Universe has leaked a teaser video for the alleged laptop. The Samsung Blade Bezel uses an OLED panel with an under-display camera. It is known as 'UPC', which we assume means "Under Panel Camera". It's unknown why Samsung hasn't shown this at CES 2021, but maybe we'll see it uncovered at tonight's Samsung Unpack.

UPC allows Samsung to relatively reduces the bezel on the laptop. The result is an extraordinary screen-to-body ratio of 93%, which means Samsung can fit bigger screens into smaller laptop chassis. Besides that, this OLED panel is half as thick as formal displays, so it can be lighter than other laptops.

This is quite exciting because any reduction in size and weight for laptops would be appreciated. The reduced bezel also means videos feel more immersive.

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