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Samsung has patented a new rotatable pop-up camera module

It all started with thick bezels, notches, hole punch and pop up when it comes with camera placement on a smartphone. However, when it comes to Samsung, they only came close with the Galaxy A80 that came with a rotating camera . But now, the company has patented a unique pop-up camera module for smartphones.

LetsGoDigital reported that Samsung Electronics has filed a patent titled ‘Electronic device including camera module’ under the WIPO (World Intellectual Property Office) in mid-2020. This patent got approved and published a fortnight ago on January 14.

This design patent illustrates a rotatable pop-up camera module. The module seems to house at least three cameras with all the sensors facing backward.

But in the selfie mode and video calls, this cylindrical module is design to rotate to face the front and will slightly pop-up out of the phone’s body to expose a single sensor at the top. The documentation also shows an option to disclose the second sensor as well by rising the module even further.

There is a motor, two gears, and a long propeller shaft which mechanizes this system. It also has a movable frame that shifts to the void place when the camera module rises. This frame house a flexible printed circuit board.

The expectation for Samsung to release a commercial smartphone with this solution is low as this solution sounds more fragile than the regular pop-up camera system.

Renders by Jermaine Smit (Concept Creator) for LetsGoDigital.

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