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Samsung-AMD GPU for next Samsung flagship device confirmed

For a long time, we have heard a lot of buzzes that Samsung might work with AMD on a custom mobile GPU. Nothing has come of it as yet but Samsung did take everyone by awe in June 2019.

The company confirmed that it had entered into a strategic partnership with AMD to bring the latter’s high-performance Radeon graphics to mobile processors. At today’s Exynos On 2021 event for the Exynos 2100, Samsung revealed a bit more information about its custom GPU plans.

Dr Inyup Kang, president of Samsung’s System LSI Business, substantiated during the event that Samsung is specializing with AMD to produce a “next-generation mobile GPU” that will be launched “in the next flagship product.”

While it certainly doesn’t answer many of the qualms that we have about this Samsung and AMD coalition, it does confirm that we’ll get to see this new GPU shortly.

It is still a mystery of what exactly Kang meant by “next flagship product”. Is the GPU going to be initiated with the Galaxy Note 21? Let’s not forget that there are rumours about the Galaxy Note series being discontinued this year. Could the flagship he was relating to be the Galaxy Z Fold 3?

What matters more is the performance that this GPU will be able to provide. With Samsung moving away from custom CPU cores for its Exynos chipsets, a powerful custom GPU just might be the preservation grace for the Exynos project.

It was rumoured late last year that the high-end chipset with AMD graphics currently in development at Samsung won’t be initiated until 2022. If that is the case, perhaps we may have to wait until the Galaxy S22 to see what these two companies have cooked up.

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