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Realme Book is coming and here's how it could look with the rumoured specs

Realme most likely will debut its first-gen Book in 2021, according to rumours it will be a 14-inch ultrabook with Intel Tiger Lake processors.

It comprises a new 3C certification secured by Realme for a product overtly registered as its inaugural PC with the model number RMNBxxxx, the last 4 alphanumeric characters of which vary based on specs including RAM, storage, CPU and so on.

This new leak also substantiates that the machine is capable of charging at a rate of 65 watts (W), which is common in recent laptops.

In the port department, it is likely to come with USB Type-C ports, said to be located on the same side of the ultrabook.

The same chassis is now also slated to have Red, Blue, and Apricot colourways in addition to the more usual Silver, to have a 3:2 aspect-ratio display and, of course, to be a new entry in the thin-and-light category

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