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Razor Blade is getting some upgrades!

Razor Blade 17.3-inch Blade is getting its 11th gen Intel upgrade.

Razer will remove the "Pro" from the Blade Pro 17 to just "Blade 17" with the second amendment being with the GPU itself. Razer will be jolting the maximum GPU TGP to 130 W for higher clock rates. This is to ease the way to boost performance from the same graphics chip albeit likely at the cost of warmer running temperatures.

The latest 11th gen Intel platform comes with a few other auxiliary windfalls including PCIe 4 and Thunderbolt 4 support instead of only PCIe 3 or Thunderbolt 3. The Blade 17 is one of the only 17-inch gaming laptops to have Thunderbolt 4 ports on both sides of the chassis for added versatility when charging or docking, which is something worth noting.

The 230 W AC adapter remains unmoved from last year's model despite the better 130 W TGP GPU.

Design wise, The Blade 17 is otherwise comparable to its antecedents meaning most of the changes are internal. Users who have been crossing their fingers for hardware-based upgrades like a fingerprint reader, webcam shutter, or keyboard update will have to keep waiting. The Blade 17 will start shipping worldwide before the end of this month for a starting price of USD 2400.

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