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Project Wolverine from Google is exciting!

Pixel Buds and Glass Enterprise Edition are two of the current in-house wearables from Google if the Fitbit lineup is excluded. A new leak demonstrates a device from the company that allows the user to isolate audio to focus on a specific person or source.

The report mentions gett Google’s parent company Alphabet’s X Moonshot Factory is developing a new wearable device which is codenamed “Wolverine.” No, they are not going to bring on Hugh Jackman or Marvel for this but the product is reportedly concentrated on strengthening the hearing ability of users.

The project is reportedly in the works since 2018 and it lets users “focus on one particular speaker in a group setting with existing side-by-side conversations.” It is accomplished through an in-ear device that is “packed with sensors” and microphones.

The device has other potentials beyond speech isolation, and the team is actively working on expanding its utility. However, the other applications of this new project haven’t been spelt out by the team.

It transpires that Project Wolverine won’t be hampered to just a since device or application but the company is scheming to turn it into a business model. Alphabet‘s X chief Astro Teller and Google co-founder Sergey Brin have received early demos. Given that the project is in the early stages and similar to other such projects from Google, this one too can be put off if the company doesn’t come up with an attainable business plan.

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