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Oppo and Vivo are mass-producing their foldable smartphone's display

A known Weibo blogger and tipster revealed that foldable displays for upcoming smartphones from Oppo and Vivo are nearing mass production.

The information was unveiled on the online platform by @数码闲聊站, who revealed that two versions are being worked on, one is an 8-inch flexible display while the other is a 7-inch panel. Both displays are inward folding, with the latter already having a prototype.

The tipster also amplified that the 7-inch panel was also close to mass production starting back in January. Although, a specific time frame for commercial launch has yet to be determined.

As per the blogger, the Vivo foldable smartphone would arrive with an impressive hinge design for its 8-inch flexible screen. This display would also support a high refresh rate and would still be 6.5 inches when folded.

Recently, Xiaomi commenced its first foldable smartphone, so we can expect other Chinese tech giants like Vivo and Oppo to launch their iterations soon. Unfortunately, the exact launch dates for these devices are currently unknown.

However, new foldable devices from such companies are expected to hit the market sometime in the second half of this year. In other words, it is also expected the foldable smartphone market to have increased competition later this year, which could also imply prices becoming competitive and the prices for such high-end devices to fall as well. So stay tuned, as we will be providing updates when additional information is available.

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