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OnePlus to release their fitness band to challenge the MI Band 5!

Latest OnePlus band to release by next month

The fitness band market is expanding like a wildfire each year, and this gives the consumers a welcome dilemma on which best fitness trackers to own.

Speaking of expanding, OnePlus, for their part, have entered the market with their very own fitness band, but the company sure has its work cut out, based on rumoured pricing.

The company is planning to release a fitness band that will be priced at USD 40. This would is a direct challenge to Xiaomi Mi Band 5 which is the cheapest and the most popular fitness bands right now.

Based on Android Central reports, the company is looking to launch its very first wearable bands on the way Quater of 2021.

Details on specs are quite vague at the time being, but it appears that the fitness band will be aimed at budget segment—which most fitness bands are, to be fair. The upcoming OnePlus fitness band is expected to have water resistance, an AMOLED screen, and “multi-day” battery life. These rumoured specs are more-or-less a given when it comes to fitness bands of all prices, so they don’t reveal too much about OnePlus’ upcoming fitness band. So, this news with a grain of salt.

It's quite clear now that OnePlus is here to build it's own ecosystem, with the company already releasing the OnePlus TV (exclusive to India), and releasing its TWS headphones, the OnePlus Buds Z. For now, we don’t have enough information to make an educated guess on the upcoming OnePlus Band’s chances at success, but it certainly has its work cut out based on competition.


Let us know what you think about this fitness band. Stay tuned to for latest tech news and get the latest Samsung Galaxy Fit 2 promo deal here.

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