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Microsoft Surface Laptop 4 might release next week

Microsoft Surface Laptop 4 is coming, the company has now taken down the offending pages, but they were live for enough time for the rumours to go around.

As anticipated, Microsoft will be releasing the Surface Laptop 4 in AMD and Intel versions.

Microsoft did not reveal any technical specifications about the Surface Laptop 4.

In short, Microsoft will offer the Surface Laptop 4 with Intel Tiger Lake-U and custom AMD Ryzen Renoir APUs. AMD and Intel processors will be available on the 13.5-inch and 15-inch models for everybody this time, unlike the Surface Laptop 3. Additionally, the Surface Laptop 4 will have a 49 Wh battery, 4 Wh more than its predecessor's capacity.

Undoubtedly, the appearance of the Surface Laptop 4 on the Microsoft Download Center suggests that Microsoft is close to releasing its new laptop. WalkingCat has suggested that Microsoft may launch the Surface Laptop 4 next week, which would be conceivable. We would not be surprised if Microsoft announced the Surface Laptop 4 via a press release though, as it did with Surface hardware last year

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