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Microsoft Surface Book 4 is rumoured for a refresh design

Since 2015, Microsoft has stuck with the same Surface Book design. The Surface Book series has gained a 15-inch option, a USB Type-C port and a subtly different keyboard deck, but most changes are internal ones.

Microsoft is considering releasing the device under its Surface Laptop series as a Surface Laptop Pro or a Surface Laptop Studio. 

The device will have a non-detachable, 3:2 and 14-inch display, a significant change from the three generations of Surface Book so far. The 14-inch display will support a Dynamic Refresh Rate (DRR), a new feature for Windows 11.

Additionally, the so-called Surface Book 4 will include NVIDIA GeForce RTX GPUs, which should come as no surprise. 

The Surface Book will support a new Surface Pen with built-in haptic feedback, as well. It is still unsure of a release date, but Microsoft may announce the device at its annual hardware event, typically occurring in October.

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