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Magnetic Smart Connector for future iPhones?

The US Patent and Trademark Office has recently granted Apple a patent on various types of systems that might be used in the company’s iPads and iPhones.

According to a PatentlyApple report, the Cupertino based giant has patented numerous styles of Magnetic Smart Connector. This patent comes despite wireless charging being the path the company is taking. But, it seems that the magnetic connectors are still a possibility of being examined by Apple.

The new patent from the iPhone maker covers the various forms of the connectors for an accessory device, which is competent in delivering power and data with an electronic device. Gazing at the patent sketches, the connector encompasses a recessed point of contact that is capable of magnetically attach to an electronic device that supports it. An alternative design of the smart connector was also patented for iPhones. This variant was constructed to keep water and debris from penetrating the handset.

In other words, Apple might be considering this technology to arrive at future iPhone models. These connectors and ports can be observed in multiple designs with one being a sliding connection, while another featured rounded connector pins that go into a compatible port on the iPhone. Unfortunately, it is unknown if the company is actually working on such a design or just covering all bases. So stay tuned for more updates.

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