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Lenovo ThinkBook Plus 17 comes together with a tablet inside for secondary display.

The 17-inch Lenovo ThinkBook Plus with one of the most rad laptop that packs a tablet inside for boosted productivity.

The leak images show the device running Windows 11 and with a secondary display on the right of the keyboard that almost looks like a tablet embedded into the body.

A custom interface seems to have been designed by Lenovo for the secondary display, which in the renders almost looks like a better version of the Start menu. This alt-Start menu sits atop an array of shortcuts that should quickly direct you to various productivity apps and features.

But that’s not all the secondary screen is capable of, as renders also show that it can display important bits of apps for quick access. The laptop even comes with a stylus, something which the secondary screen obviously supports.

Additionally, the 17-inch Lenovo ThinkBook Plus seems to be equipped with two USB-C, two USB-A, one HDMI, a 3.5mm headphone jack interface, and Harman Kardon speakers.

As for launch, Lenovo is expected is to unveil some new laptop products at CES 2022 that’s set to kickstart on January 5th, and we may see the ThinkBook Plus in the event as well.

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