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Lenovo laptops with Intel 12th Gen processors coming out in 2022

Lenovo revealed that the company’s laptops with Intel’s latest 12th generation of Core processors are on the way and will be launching next year.

The news arrives from a Weibo post (a Chinese microblogging website) shared by Lin Lin, the marketing director of consumer notebook products in China. According to the Chinese consumer electronic maker’s executive, the brand is set to launch new notebooks with 12th gen Intel Core processors in 2022. He added that this was possible as the supply chain has finally improved significantly in recent times. Although, he did stated that the supply of certain notebook models will still be limited.

It is expected that the number of PCs from its gaming laptops and lightweight laptops hitting the shelves with Team Blue’s latest 12th Gen Core processors. Recently, the company had launched a new YOGA Duet 2021 2 in 1 Windows 11 laptop, which had been out of stock for a long time. So, it appears that the supply chain is indeed improving.

Unfortunately, the senior official refrained from revealing any other details regarding these upcoming laptops. So we have no way of knowing which specs and features they might ship with. So stay tuned for more, as we will be providing updates if the company teases the new laptops or any official announcements are shared.

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