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Kirin 9000E and 9000L are the new processors from Huawei

Huawei MatePad Pro will feature a Kirin 9000E chipset but that's not the only chipset that Huawei is launching in 2021. Sources has claim that there's at least another Kirin chipset on the way.

According to Whylab, Huawei intends to launch a Kirin 9000L chipset. Manufactured on the 5nm process, this chipset will have a large Cortex-A77 CPU clocked at 2.86GHz. Besides the CPU, it will also come with an 18-core Mali-G78 GPU and a large single-core NPU.

If this is true, this means that the Kirin 9000L would be the lite variant of the Kirin 9000. The latter's max clock is 3.13GHz and its GPU has 24 cores. It's surmised that this would be for Huawei's more premium mid-range devices, such as the Nova series.

We're not sure when Huawei will confirm these new chipsets. But contemplating the timing of the leak, it's possibly going to be divulged at the company's next product launch. 

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