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iPad Mini Pro arriving soon!

According to Naver blog (via Notebookcheck), Apple is getting prepared to unveil an iPad mini Pro in the second half of 2021. It will arrive with an 8.7-inch display, which is slightly larger than the previous iPad mini's 7.9-inch. This model will cover the gap between the iPad mini 6 and iPad Air 4. Since the previous model had an A12 Bionic chipset, this new model would probably use the A13 or a variant of the A14 Bionic.

A previous rumour suggested that the iPad mini 6 had some related details. It's feasible that the common iPad mini 6 would be on the lower end with an 8.4-inch display, while the Pro variant will have an 8.7-inch or vaster display. If this is true, the iPad mini 6 series would all come with bigger displays than its predecessor.

A US$200 difference exists between the iPad mini and iPad Air, so an iPad mini Pro would presumably eat into this price gap. However, this arrangement would leave Apple with a 'Pro' product that costs less than an Air one, which would be unusual. If the iPad mini Pro is to arrive in the second half of 2021, then we should hear more about it within the next few months.

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