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Introducing Huawei Smart Pillow

A pillow that monitors you while sleeping. (Source: Logan The Tech Guy)

Huawei has unveiled yet another intriguing technology. This time it's a smart pillow. This tech product was revealed and launched for sale in China is known as Smart Choice MOK PLANET Smart Latex Pillow.

The smart pillow retails at 499 yuan ($76) will start monitoring your heart rate and sleep rate once you lie on it.

The double-layered pillow has a core that adopts 9cm by 12 cm latex dimension where the height can be adjusted to harmonize other people's sleeping position and conformability. The pillow is made of 93% of Thai natural latex collagen which correspondingly gives sleepers excellent resilience and can quickly respond to the neck curve support and effectively relieve shoulder and neck pressure.

The foam moulding of the pillows gives it a unique honeycomb design which allows the pillow to have natural ventilation for a non-stuffy refreshing usage. This design has also achieved the first-class anti-fungal standard certification which signifies that this smart latex pillow has a 99% mite avoidance rate and 0 in formaldehyde content.

The Smart pillows are entrenched with ultra-thin non-inductive monitoring sensors, which can monitor data such as sleep, heart rate, breathing rate, sleep cycle, number of turns, number of times to leave the pillow and track sleep throughout the sleeping process. With the Huawei Smart Life app, this pillow can record your sleep data and generate daily, weekly, and monthly reports, from sleep scores to sleep items that need to be optimized, without missing every detail.

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