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Huawei P50 might come with a behemoth 135W charger!

Source: Huawei

Most of the industries came to a halt in 2020 except for the smartphone industry. The smartphone industry has achieved some remarkable breakthroughs during that period and one of them is allowing chargers to go up to 100W or even surpass it.

Now on the dawn of of2021, the smartphone companies are aiming to reach greater heights. It is reported that a HUAWEI charger that supports 135W fast charging has been certified by China's 3C Agency.

135W certification

Based on the certification from China, the HUAWEI charger with model number HW-200675CP0 supports charging at 5V/3A up to 20V/6.75A achieving a 135W rate. It is said that the charger could be releasing alongside the upcoming HUAWEI P50 lineup later this year.

Currently, HUAWEI's prime offering is the HUAWEI SuperCharge that supports 66W fast charging. With this new charger, the company is said to be able to distinguish with companies like Xiaomi that already started to ship devices with 120W charger in the box.  Unfortunately, with the vanishing trend of chargers out of the box, we could expect Huawei to not include the behemoth of the charger in it. Accept for the price to be high for this too.

Let us know what you think about this HUAWEI 135W beast charger.

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