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HP Omen 17 online listing reveals Intel 13th Gen chips and up to RTX 4090 mobile GPU with 16 GB VRAM

HP is set to introduce a refresh of the Omen 17 laptop most probably at CES 2023 with up to an Nvidia RTX 4090 Laptop GPU under the hood.

A Romanian store listing of the upcoming Omen 17 laptop has been spotted by Twitter user @momomo_us. The listing reveals that all the upcoming Omen 17 machines will have the Core i7-13700HX Raptor Lake-HX CPUs and RTX 40 series mobile GPUs. These will include the RTX 4060 8 GB, RTX 4070 8 GB, RTX 4080 12 GB, and RTX 4090 16 GB Laptop GPUs. SKUs with the RTX 4080 and higher have a QHD display, while the rest have an FHD panel.

Prices start at 10,298.60 Lei (US$2225) for the base model with a Core i7-13700HX and RTX 4060, while the top-end Omen 17 with the RTX 4090 is priced at 18,881 Lei (US$4,079).

According to rumors, the Core i7-13700HX has eight P-cores and eight E-cores with boost speeds of up to 5 GHz. Aside from the sporadic leaks we’ve already seen, there is still little information available about the RTX 40 Series mobile GPUs.

It is important to keep in mind that the mobile versions of the GPUs will probably have significant performance differences from their larger desktop relatives. The 450 W TGP of the desktop RTX 4090 card can be boosted to 600 W. However, Ada Lovelace mobile GPUs are probably limited to a 175 W TGP due to the thermal and power restrictions that laptops must deal with.

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