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Google leaks Asus ZenFone 8 Flip release

Asus ZenFone 8 Flip has been added to the Google ARCore supported list. This name strongly indicates that it is the successor to the 7 or 7 Pro: Android flagships whose freely-moving rear cameras are a breath of fresh air in a market over the overly saturated inert candy-bar form-factors with punch-holes.

It's kinda strange that Asus has seen fit to augment this 2021 ZenFone's name with the suffix "Flip". It may simply imply that other variants without the series' characteristic swivel-camera module are on the way. On that note, the OEM has been rumoured to add a "Mini" to the series this year, although it has yet to make the ARCore list.

This new "8 Flip" leak has given more credence as it has surfaced at roughly the same time which confirmed the launch soon. They encompass the 4G/LTE-only variants of the Samsung Galaxy A52 and A72, not to mention the Galaxy A82 5G (another device that stands a decent chance of debuting as a swivel-cam, if not a sliding-cam, phone) and the 108MP-camera Realme 8 Pro.

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