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Gaming Chromebooks is around the corner!

9To5Google have reported that a number of Chrome OS devices are set to launch in the market soon and it will be built for gaming. As of right now, gaming streaming services like Google Stadia, Nvidia GeForce Now, and others are the only way to experience games from the Steam library.

Chrome OS will soon support Steam and other Linux compatible PC games, similar to how it supports Linux and Android apps. This will be a part of a long running project which has the codenamed Borealis. Although, there has not been any official announcement of Steam games being supported on Chromebook. But this hints at Google’s plan on expanding in gaming through both Steam games and other game streaming services as well.

Well, since Chromebooks with gaming are believe to launch in the near future, it arrives as no surprise that the new Chrome OS devices will support RGB as well. The report stated that the Search Engine giant is working on offering full color RGB support on keyboards on Chromebooks. With Nvidia and MediaTek working together to bring RTX graphics to the platform, its only a matter of time that dedicated gaming Chromebooks launch Steam games and RGB software support.

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