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Flexible display for the next Apple Watch?

The design for the next Apple Watch is looking good as Apple has been working on different new technologies to improve the Apple Watch.

Patents for a watch band with embedded batteries and an under-display camera was released last year and now, there's also a new one describing a flexible display.

USPTO has granted a new patent for smartwatches to Apple. The title is "Display Module and System Applications" which is also known as a display that not only appears in front but also wraps around the watch band. Based on the diagrams from the patent, this watch would also have a vastly different design from previous Apple Watches.

Besides that, the display is said to be flexible enough to adapt to the user's wrist size. The display can stretch, though the question is whether that would distort the image on the display. On top of that, the bezel is expected to be less than 1mm or even 0.5mm, which maximises the space for the display.

The idea is quite interesting, as it opens the way for 'digital' wrist bands with customisable designs. Of course, this is just a patent for now, so there's no guarantee it'll happen. Having said that, what are your thoughts on this? Let us know.

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