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Faster MagSafe charging and improved display for upcoming Apple MacBook Pro 2021

Apple has a patented for wireless charging pad inside the MacBook. This is the MagSafe charger that was in the iPhone 12 but this time its in the MacBook. But according to Bloomberg (via Wccftech), the MagSafe technology could be used to allow for the MacBook Pro itself, rather than for other devices. This version is expected to deliver faster-charging speeds and also have a bigger area covered on the MacBook.

The 2021 versionMacBook Pro models will support USB-C. There will be a total of four USB-C ports on future MacBooks, two on each side (currently the base model is having only 2). Besides the charging and port selection, Apple is also working on an improved display technology that will offer "brighter, higher-contrast panels." This is hinting about the inclusion of mini-LED displays which have been in the news for quite some time.

Finally, the reports also states that Apple has tested variants of the MacBook Pro without the Touch Bar. It seems that Apple will be doing away with it in the future. Apple does have plans for a redesigned the MacBook Air but the models would not see daylight until long after the 'Pro' variants have been launched.

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