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Facebook Smartwatch to beat Apple Watch?

Smartwatch helps monitor acts a a mini health device that help monitor your health stats, while sports enthusiasts appreciate it for the workouts. It was reported that Facebook are developing a smartwatch of their own.

There's no official name yet from the company, but for the time being it is rumored to be named as Facebook Watch. Sources say that this watch could be focusing on social messaging and health monitoring. This would give a good user watch interface of Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp. It's said to work with just a cellular connection without a phone on a hotspot.

The Facebook Watch will use Android software and the health features should work like any other smartwatches. This includes tracking your workout routines with friends and connecting to exercising services. In terms of price, it could cost between $150 to $400. If the schedule is on time, the Facebook Watch could be released next year and a 2nd-gen planned for 2023

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