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Diamond OLED under process from Samsung sighted a new patent filed on April 19, 2021, by Samsung with the UK IPO. The patent shows Diamond OLED trademark that is presumed to target a wide array of devices encompassing computer displays, digital signage display panels, display screens for digital cameras, smartphone displays, video monitors, TV panels, wearable displays, tablet screens and notebook displays.

Samsung has been against large OLED arrays for quite a few years now, citing burn-in problems and lower brightness potential, but the situation changed when China became overly competitive on the LED LCD panel market. 

Given Samsung’s tension for LG’s OLED displays, we expect the new QD-OLEDs to get commercial brand names that differentiate these new models from LG’s, so the Diamond moniker could work well in this regard.

LetsGoDigital suggests that Diamond OLED could as well be used for upcoming smartphone displays. Samsung hinted at new foldable OLED displays with Diamond pixels last year, and the upcoming Galaxy Z Flip 3 models could be the first handhelds to integrate this technology.

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