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Battery information of Galaxy Fold 2 and Galaxy Flip 2 is here

DEKRA certification

The upcoming foldable clamshell in Samsung’s Z-lineup will have a dual battery design as listed on Safety Korea reveal pictures of the two cells bearing the EB-BF711ABY (2,370 mAh) and EB-BF712ABY (903mAh) model numbers.

EB-BF711ABY (2,370 mAh) and EB-BF712ABY (903mAh)

The total capacity fills out to 3,300mAh which matches the original Z Flip and the Z Flip 5G. Based on this info, it can assume that Samsung will house the larger battery cell at the bottom of the devices while the smaller one will reside in the top half.

3C listing for EB-BF711ABY battery (2,370 mAh)

The Z Flip successor is speculated to carry the SM-F711 model number and will allegedly offer a 120Hz AMOLED display and narrower frame. Also, we’re expecting stereo speakers and 128GB/256GB storage options. A chipset and camera upgrade are also due though there is no reliable info on those components so far.

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