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Apple Watch Series 7 to have Blood Sugar monitoring feature

Smartwatches are getting better and better every year with the addition of several health-related features to the watches. Some of them have been proved to be life-saving for many, especially the electrocardiogram (ECG).

The latest reports suggest that the upcoming version of the device, Apple Watch Series 7 is most possibly getting another major health-related feature — Blood sugar monitoring. This will be a significant addition for users who are diabetics. As per the report from The Telegraph, an SEC filing hints that Apple will add a glucometer feature to the Apple Watch in 2022.

The feature will provide users who need to get a reading on their blood sugar before each insulin injection since the amount of sugar found in their blood determines the dosage of each shot. Currently, checking the blood sugar level is a bit complex. The user has to draw blood for each test, dab it onto a test strip which is then inserted into a glucometer to obtain a reading.

The existing method is painful and costly but if Apple could come up with a solution that can offer blood sugar readings without the need to draw blood or buy new test trips, it could prove to be a major boost to the device’s sales.

Rockley Photonics the largest customer for Apple has developed next-generation sensors that are will be inside Apple watches by next year. The next-gen sensors can read certain signals from a person’s blood by shining infrared light through the skin from the back of a smartwatch.

This also hints that besides glucometer, the company could be looking to add other sensors on the upcoming smartwatch to measure the user’s alcohol level and blood pressure but as of now.

Apple is offering electrocardiogram (ECG) and blood oxygen level (SpO2) monitoring on its smartwatches. So, it will be great to see support for glucometer on the wearable device in the next edition

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