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Apple to produce a massive 64 core ARM-based chip to end Intel and AMD dominance!

The new chip will be faster than the M1. (Source: Apple)

Cupertino is working on a massive 64-core ARM-based chip, possibly for future iterations of the Mac Pro. The latest Apple silicon could put both Intel and AMD on boiling water if it materialises.

Tipster @LeaksApplePro posted a tweet recently, claiming “64 cores lol, will tell you soon.” We’d advise taking this with more than a pinch of salt. However, the tweet appears to refer to possible multi-core Apple Silicon configurations that we might see Cupertino out in coming years. 

A report from Bloomberg also claimed that Apple was working on a 32-core ARM-based part for upcoming Mac Pros, though this will only arrive in late 2021. The 64-core chip will probably see the light of day even later.

There only a little information to go on, but even then, this looks like a significant hazard to Intel and AMD. Apple’s tailored 5nm ARM-based silicon performs exceptionally well in native workloads. In software written for ARM chips, the 8-core Apple M1 hangs in there with top-end Ryzen and Tiger Lake chips, with a single-core advantage. A 64-core core chip could offer extraordinary levels of execution for creatives and video editors. 

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