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Apple is testing the Foldable iPhones!

Foldable iPhones in the making

Apple is testing its foldable device durability, well this is based on MacRumors. Currently, there are two foldable devices from Apple that is undergoing the durability test. It looks like Apple is quite serious about getting into the foldable market.

From the reports, it looks like Apple have two hinge designs mechanism and this testing is to find out which hinge design will be the best for the market.

The two prototype foldable iPhones in testing includes two display panels and one clamshell with a single flexible OLED display.

It is expected that one of the foldable devices will be in the form factor of the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2 while the other will replicate the form factor of Samsung Galaxy Z Flip. Apple has yet to release am official statement on this so that this news so take this news with a pinch of salt.

Don't expect the Folds from Apple to hit the market shores at the moment as the earliest it could reach is by 2023.

Do you think the foldable device from Apple will surpass the outlook of Samsung Fold lineups?

Let us know about that. Stay tuned to for latest tech news and promo codes.

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