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Apple Foldable iPhone to come with a stylus

Apple's foldable iPhone project is moving ahead with a possible launch in a couple of years. As the the days go by more details about the device have started surfacing online. The device will now come with support for a stylus but it is not yet clear if the smartphone will support the current Apple Pencil or come with a separate new stylus.

Apple Foldable iPhone Concept

A clamshell design for the foldable iPhone has been finalized which has a similar design with the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip. It is said that the company will be using a Ceramic Shield glass which will be chemically treated, enabling it to handle a significant level of tolerance when it is folded or unfolded.

The foldable Apple iPhones will be affordable compared to other similar offerings in this segment. This is due to the launch in 2023, which reduces the cost of components required for the foldable smartphones by then. There’s also a possibility that the phone’s launch could get pushed further away if the company faces any hardware or production issues.

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