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Xiaomi detachable smartphone camera

Xiaomi has been creative when it comes of innovations and designs, this time their creativeness comes by the camera implementations. According to the report published on WIPO(World Intellectual Property Organization), Xiaomi’s patent illustrates a smartphone with a full-display upfront. Xiaomi says with that display the front selfie camera will be a detachable rear camera module.

The layout could have multiple camera sensors on it. A cutout of one of the images shows how the phone would look like if the layout is removed. A couple of attachments at the top of the phone shows a possible attachment for the selfies.

There's no any rendering that shows what mechanism will be use for the detachable camera but the hot take will be with magnets like the one of Apple's MagSafe. The layout of the cameras are in two shapes- One is a pill-shaped dual-camera layout while the other one is circular with a cut-out for four sensors.

Just like any other patents, this could also end up as just a schematic and never make it to the final cut.

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