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4.5 million PlayStation 5 consoles sold last year!

Sony published its latest earnings report and it includes the sales of the elusive PlayStation 5 console. A total of 4.5 million PlayStation 5 consoles in 2020. This shows that Sony was able to mass-produce the console which has been extremely difficult to buy since its launch last November.

The report also shows that the demand for the PlayStation 4 witnessed a plunged year-on-year, with 1.4 million units shipped in the October-December quarter. This shows a 77 percent decrease from 2019. Sony actually managed to sell fewer PS4s in the holiday quarter than it did from July to September.

Analyst Daniel Ahmad reported that the fourth quarter of 2020 was the best quarter in PlayStation history. Sony gaming division increased it's revenue of 40 percent, to peak at 883.2 billion yen ($8.4 billion). The revenue is partly driven by sales of the new PlayStation 5. The division also recorded 50 percent operating profit by reaching 80.2 billion yen ($763.3 million). This is due to higher game sales, PlayStation Plus subscriptions, and better margins on PS4 hardware.

Sony does note related the expense of PS5 launch offset some of its profit gains, and Sony also confirms that the PS5 hardware itself is being sold for less than what it costs to make. A loss was incurred due to “strategic price points for PS5 hardware that were set lower than the manufacturing costs,” the company disclosed.

On the contradictory, Microsoft didn’t release the sales figures for the Xbox Series X or Series S with its earnings report last week, but the company did say that Xbox hardware revenue was up 86 percent year-on-year.

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