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12-inch Apple MacBook with Apple Silicon is under development

Apple is working on an Apple Silicon 12-inch MacBook, although there is something that is holding for its potential release.

The M1X MacBook Pro laptops are yet to be launched, and there have been some details about M2-based MacBook Air devices being under works for a 2022 release, there has been nothing on the radar about either a 12-inch MacBook or 12-inch MacBook Air.

Apple could be overhauling the Intel-based MacBook 12 to bring it up-to-date as an attractive alternative to other devices with M-series chip as the flaws of the 2015-2019 MacBook 12, such as its much-maligned butterfly keyboards and the less than overwhelming Intel processors (low-power Intel Core M chips were used), could easily be deported in a new generation.

A resurrected 12-inch MacBook or new 12-inch MacBook Air would take benefit of the scissor-switch mechanism for the keyboard and, of course, come with ARM-based Apple Silicon for that heady efficiency and performance combination boost. It’s arguable that with the Apple M2 chip already being sighted on the horizon that this would be the ideal SoC solution for the 2022 12-inch MacBook or smaller variant of the MacBook Air.

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